Estate Stories

Be captivated by the people, places and tales that make Meadow Brook Hall so remarkable. Our Estate Stories series unlocks the vaults, dives into the archives and seeks out tales of the Great Estate to pique your interest and enrich your life.

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Sleigh Bells Ring

Home for the Holidays

During the winter months, sleigh bells could often be heard around the Meadow Brook Estate. Read about some of the Dodge-Wilson family sleigh ride traditions.

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The Ornate Historic Elevator of Meadow Brook Hall

Our historic elevator is now running! After nearly a year-long restoration project the Main Elevator of Meadow Brook Hall is ready to offer access to all main levels of The Hall.

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A Meadow Brook Halloween

Dating back almost 2,000 years to Ireland, Halloween celebrations have changed quite a lot through the decades. This year we’re looking back on the history of Halloween and the past celebrations of this frightful night at Meadow Brook Hall.

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Matilda's "Borrowed" MSU Birthday Bell

On the 81st birthday of Matilda Dodge Wilson, the founder of Oakland University, the students of OU planned a special – and mischievous – surprise.

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The Playful Dogs of Meadow Brook

Throughout the history of Meadow Brook Hall and farms, dogs were always running around the estate, either hard at work as watchdogs on the farm or as beloved family companions.

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Master Architect Minoru Yamasaki at Meadow Brook

Of all the greats who have come to Meadow Brook Hall, Master Architect Minoru Yamasaki is one man who’s honorary dinner party in 1974 at Meadow Brook was an unforgettable event.

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Happy 98th Wedding Anniversary to the Wilsons!

On June 29, 1925, Matilda and Alfred Wilson were married at the grand Dodge Mansion in Grosse Pointe.

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Original Rosa Bonheur Painting

The Hay Cart by Rosa Bonheur at Home in Meadow Brook
Stroll down our gallery connecting the Great Hall and the Christopher Wren Dining Room to view a collection of paintings featuring pastoral scenes and you will see an original Bonheur painting, The Hay Cart.

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The Duke of Bracciano

The Duke Returns to Meadow Brook Hall

Meadow Brook’s Lost Painting Project has restored a former painting to a place of prominence inside the Great Hall, new to visitors but quite familiar to the family and the estate.

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The Atlas Universel & Nuremburg Chronicle

Rare discovery made in estate’s oldest book

Fifty years after being locked in a vault, a new – but very old – book sparks interest – and a surprise discovery – at Meadow Brook. In the Dodge and Wilson family’s collection of more than 1,600 books, the Atlas Universel is the oldest one dating back to around 1788.

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The Sun Porch

Meadow Brook’s sun porch lets in the light

While some of Meadow Brook Hall’s most famous features are its soaring stone architecture, beautiful dark wood details and carved plaster ceilings, the Sun Porch has an aesthetic that is all its own. With sunlight pouring through its floor-to-ceiling windows, this seasonal room is positioned to take in breathtaking views of the estate from the south, west and north.

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Alfred Wilson's Study of Stories

Carving a life IN OAK

A faithful husband, loving father, and hard worker at Meadow Brook, Alfred Gaston Wilson was born on March 31, 1883.

To learn about this brilliant man, one simply has to step inside his study where Alfred carved out stories of his life in caricature to share with all who enter.

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Extraordinary Women of Meadow Brook

Women’s History Month Spotlight

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are exploring Meadow Brook’s matriarch, Matilda Dodge Wilson, along with her youngest daughter Barbara (Wilson) Eccles and her beautician and confidant Mary Mathews.

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Celebrating the Dodge Brothers

National Inventors’ Day

February 11 is National Inventors’ Day—an occasion that honors inventors of the past, the creators of the present, and encourages the architects of the future. There are many inventors, makers and innovators driving our world, but few make such a mark as the Dodge Brothers.

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Holidays with the Dodge and Wilson Family

Home for the Holidays at Meadow Brook

Meadow Brook has always been a place of joy and laughter during the holidays, particularly when the family was growing and living here. The Dodge and Wilsons always came home for the holidays. Learn more about their traditions below!

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George Washington's Portrait

In honor of President’s Day, we’re sharing this portrait of George Washington that hangs in Meadow Brook’s Christopher Wren Dining Room. The painting is one Matilda Dodge Wilson was particularly fond of, and it is said that when she went to live at her different properties, she would bring this portrait with her.

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The Sewing Room

In Matilda’s day, it was important to have a Sewing Room and seamstress on staff to alter, repair and adjust gowns, clothes, and household items.

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Classic Car Ads

In honor of the Woodward Dream Cruise rolling through town, we’re taking a look back at some classic cars that once revved up at Meadow Brook.

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The Story of Matilda's Portrait

Without question, the Christopher Wren Dining Room is one of the most beautiful rooms in The Hall with Matilda’s Portrait.

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The Pump Operations on the Estate

Meadow Brook Hall’s well and pump operations were a modern feature of the estate that added to its comfort and self-sufficiency.

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Delphine Dodge Wins the President's Cup

As one of the first women in the sport, Delphine made plenty of waves and achieved an historic victory in the President’s Cup Regatta.

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