Matilda and Alfred Wilson at their wedding in 1925.

Happy 98th wedding anniversary to the Wilsons!

On June 29, 1925, Matilda and Alfred Wilson were married at the grand Dodge Mansion in Grosse Pointe. Alfred Wilson told the Detroit News, “I am very happy today, of course. It is one of the supreme days in any man’s life, his wedding day.”

Frances and Dan Dodge at their mother's wedding to Alfred Wilson.Although they were very wealthy members of society, the couple kept the celebration sweet and intimate. They invited only family and close friends, including a young Frances and Daniel Dodge, 11 and 9 years old respectively.

The bride and groom were charmingly affectionate with each other and their children, laughing and throwing confetti up and down the terrace lawn.

Matilda and Alfred were happily married for nearly forty years. Together they raised a family, built the Meadow Brook Estate and founded Oakland University. Happy 98th Anniversary Matilda and Alfred!

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