History at The Hall

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Meadow Brook Hall’s new History at The Hall series will provide digital resources, stories, virtual tours and inspiring quotes to help our community continue to learn and engage from home.

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The Tiffany Chandelier

The striking stained-glass chandelier over the Aeolian organ is an original piece by renowned American artist & designer Louse Comfort Tiffany.

It depicts a Grapes and Lattices pattern and was probably first hung in Matilda and John Dodge’s home on Boston Boulevard in Detroit.

Interestingly, it did not hang in the Hall in Matilda’s time. Tiffany went bankrupt and out of fashion and the lamp was tucked away. It was found in a storage area and installed over the organ in the early 1970s and is a showpiece of our collection today!

Original chandelier lamp by Louis Comfort Tiffany hung at Meadow Brook Hall.


Prohibition and the China Vault

Did you know that Prohibition made it illegal to buy or manufacture alcohol but not to consume it? John Dodge had a significant collection of alcohol that kept the family in spirits throughout the prohibition years.

Go behind-the-scenes with Meadow Brook Curator Madelyn Rzadkowolski in one of our vaults that is now filled with china and vintage alcohol-including a great stockpile of John Dodge’s favorite Saratoga Whiskey.

The Ballroom

Meadow Brook’s two-story Gothic-inspired ballroom has the kind of soaring interior you find in late medieval halls and churches.

It features Gothic arches, half-timber wood and plaster work, and wolf grotesques (fantastic animal sculptures) that were adapted for indoor use. The stained-glass windows depict Music, Literature and Entertainment, and Drama and were made specifically for this room by J. Scott Williams.

One unique element of the stained glass is that it was designed to be viewed without distortion from both the inside and outside. Most stained glass windows are created to be viewed indoors only.

Meadow Brook Hall's ballroom

Gothic-inspired stained glass windows at Meadow Brook Hall

Half-timbering ceiling of Meadow Brook's ballroom

Graphic quote from Matilda Dodge Wilson

The Sun Porch

The Sun Porch is one of the prettiest, brightest and universal favorite rooms in The Hall.

The floor is made of Tennessee limestone and the wood beams are Sound Wormy Chestnut. The wing chairs and rattan furniture are original as well. The room contains some souvenirs from the family’s global travels including big majolica pottery jars from Italy and large green urns from Alhambra, Spain.

Meadow Brook Hall's Sun Porch