Lost Painting Project

What is it?

After Matilda Wilson’s death in 1967, some of Meadow Brook Hall’s largest and finest pieces of art were sold at auction or bequeathed to her family. For more than a decade, the curatorial staff have been looking for these paintings and have since located nine of them. With your support, we will create high-quality replicas of these remarkable paintings and hang them in their original locations. This will be a huge step toward interpreting the house as it was when the family lived here – with a target date of 1929.

Why is MBH doing this?

Matilda and Alfred Wilson carefully chose the paintings in their beloved art collection and returning The Hall to its original appearance – a family home full of both personal items and impeccably curated art – is as important in telling their story as it is in preserving history. We want to honor their design while also staying accurate to history by making The Hall look as it did when the family lived here.

Many of the paintings in our collection are in need of conservation; any funds collected beyond what is needed for replication will go toward caring for those.

How can I help?

We are currently in need of funding. Meadow Brook Hall raises every dollar that it spends, and the Lost Painting Project must be totally supported from our friends.

Due to a significant grant from the Richard and Jane Manoogian Foundation and a major gift from Oakland University President Ora Pescovitz, as well as several gifts from the OU and MBH community for the conservation of paintings in the collection, the fundraising drive is more than half accomplished. With $42,000 raised, we now need additional support from friends of The Hall to reach our goal of $80,000 to finish the painting replication and further conserve other art that will be moved to new locations in the house to make way for the replicated works.

For more information or to donate, contact the curator, Madelyn, at Rzadkowo@oakland.edu or (248) 364-6253. Checks payable to “Meadow Brook Hall” can be sent to:

Meadow Brook Hall

Attn: Lost Painting Project

350 Estate Dr.

Rochester, MI 48309


In gratitude to those who have already given:

The Richard and Jane Manoogian Foundation

Ora Pescovitz, Oakland University President

In loving memory of Mary Kathryn Cichowski

Geriann Reimann

Anthony and Victoria Gallina

Alison Gaudreau

Diane Gurzick

Charles Kemler

Natalie Reilly-Finch

Donna Vogt