The Pump Operations on the Estate

Although it is not especially glamorous, Meadow Brook Hall’s well and pump operations were a modern feature of the estate that added to its comfort and self-sufficiency. John Dodge installed the first new well/pumping station in 1908 at Meadow Brook Farms, and the Wilsons added four more pump houses as they developed the property for The Hall. Two of the 10,000 gallon pumping stations are close to the mansion. The first is located in an underground room beneath the family garage and the second is a standalone building near Knole Cottage. The 140-square-foot brick pump house near Knole Cottage featured leaded-glass windows and double doors that were originally adorned with Tiffany insets that were repurposed from the Grosse Pointe house John and Matilda Dodge were building before John’s death in 1920. Located 18 feet below gr ound level is the well pump, a sump pump and blower – all of which are still operable though not in use today.