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Wedding Blog: Create the Perfect Wedding Menu

One of life’s simple pleasures is sharing a moment and a meal with those we love. No celebration is complete without food, which makes planning your Couple celebrates their wedding at Meadow Brook Hallwedding menu a delicious priority!

Today’s couples place the menu at the forefront of their weddings, with a focus on fresh fare and inventive cuisine that fits their style.

Whether your preference is classic fare done to perfection or an innovative take on a culinary trend, brides, grooms and spouses-to-be have their plates full when planning the right menu for their wedding.

Set the Scene—And the Table!

When wedding planning, most couples determine a certain style—traditional, glam, boho, modern or romantic—that sets the scene for the look and feel of their nuptials.

One area that can bring a strong thematic element to the table—quite literally—is the food. When choosing your venue or caterer, it’s important to ask about the types of food they serve and what options you have to curate your wedding menu. This is particularly critical if you have a special request, such as cultural cuisine or vegan options.

Meadow Brook Hall’s inspired cuisine is all about customization, encouraging couples to be creative when planning their wedding menu. The culinary staff routinely expands their repertoire and custom menus by exploring foods and ingredients from the Great Lakes region, including herbs and vegetables grown in Meadow Brook’s own gardens. The Executive Chef and assistants apply signature touches on classic favorites for a memorable—and delectable—dining experience.

Think about the atmosphere you want to create and aim to make menu selections match. For example, you wouldn’t serve barbecue at a black-tie event, but you may want to encourage casual chatting and tasting with a strolling dinner. Another way to highlight your style is to work with your vendor to create a signature cocktail—give it a name and a flavor as delightful as your relationship!

The Big (Menu) Picture

Inspired  cuisine at a Meadow Brook Hall weddingA wedding brings together many different people from your life who have many different tastes. Think about your guest list and try to include a variety of options that will appeal to different people. Many couples aim to mix in a few vegetarian options—both during the cocktail hour and at dinner—to ensure there is something for everyone.

Most meals feature three courses—a salad or soup starter course, an entrée and a dessert. However, you don’t have to stop there! If you and your spouse-to-be are passionate foodies, consider treating your guests to additional courses.

Inspired  cuisine at a Meadow Brook Hall weddingThis could be a small plated appetizer like an artisanal cheese sampling or smoked salmon prior to the starter course. Another addition is an Intermezzo course, traditionally served between the soup or salad and entrée course. Intermezzo courses are a light, refreshing item such as lemon sorbet or celery and cucumber batonettes meant to cleanse your palate and prepare the taste buds for maximum enjoyment of the next course.

Something for Everyone’s Sweet Tooth

Inspired  cuisine at a Meadow Brook Hall weddingThe culinary showpiece for most wedding celebrations is the cake. A beautiful, tiered wedding cake is a time-honored tradition and the act of cutting the cake together is a special moment for many couples. But there is no need to stop at cake when there is a whole range of desserts to explore!

Add something sweet to your event that will delight your guests, such as an ice cream sundae station or an irresistible display of treats, such as tortes, flan, cheesecake, crème brûlée, fresh fruit and berries and so much more. Desserts are a wonderful opportunity to show off your great taste.

A Late-Night Snack Brings Late-Night Fun

Wedding at Meadow Brook HallAlthough your guests have been well fed during the reception, the hope at every wedding is that they build up a new appetite on the dance floor. Late-night snacks are a tasty way to wrap up your evening and send your guests home with full bellies.

The arrival of the late-night snack is also an important part of the overall wedding flow. It signals to guests that the evening is drawing to a close and there is one last moment of comradery before heading home.

The late-night snack should be a crowd pleaser. Many couples offer up pizza, but there are so many more options that would be a big hit as well. Think mac & cheese bar, nacho bar, mini burritos, sliders, warm pretzel bites or even a Coney Island bar. Let the late-night snack hit your cravings and be a joyful, casual close to an appetizing celebration.


It’s true that there is no match so universally pleasurable as good food and good company. By choosing the right menu and placing the dining experience at the heart of your wedding, you and your spouse-to-be will create unforgettable and delicious evening.

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