Meadow Brook Hall's Sun Porch lets in the light in Rochester, Michigan

Meadow Brook’s Sun Porch Lets in the Light

While some of Meadow Brook Hall’s most famous features are its soaring stone architecture, beautiful dark wood details and carved plaster ceilings, the Sun Porch has an aesthetic that is all its own.
With sunlight pouring through its floor-to-ceiling windows, this seasonal room is positioned to take in breathtaking views of the estate from the south, west and north. The Sun Porch commands a beautiful look at the English Walled Garden, Rock Garden and Tea Gazebo—all of which are part of the original landscape design.
The floor is made of Tennessee limestone and the wood beams are Sound Wormy Chestnut and carved with a variety of birds. It was and still is a peaceful place, used by the Wilson’s to take in the activity of the estate, play bridge with friends, watch the family horses graze. The broad and intricate peacock fan chairs and the rattan furniture are all original to Meadow Brook.
Although the room is petite, it is filled with remarkable furniture and furnishings, many of which are souvenirs from the family’s travels around the world, including a 6 month tour of North and South Africa, Rhodesia, Egypt, India, Palestine, and Spain that Francis, Matilda, and Alfred took in 1934.
The large, vibrant, green urns came from Alhambra, Spain, the Majolica urns from Italy, and the alabaster statue of the Shepherdess is originally from Pisa, Italy.
From the remarkable views to the one-of-a-kind décor, Meadow Brook’s Sun Porch is a unique room that complements the Great Estate like a breath of fresh air.
See the room for yourself in the Meadow Brook Minute video by OUTV.
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