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Meadow Brook Wedding Blog: Christmas Weddings

Weddings are a time to gather your loved ones for a celebration, just like we do at the holidays. So why not combine your holiday celebrating with your wedding celebration?

At Meadow Brook Hall, the Hall is decked out for the holidays, with over 50 Christmas trees inside and lights outside, so the backdrop for your big day will be even more beautiful than it is the rest of the year! Keep reading for some photos of holiday weddings from this year plus tips and trends for incorporating the Christmas theme into your wedding.

Let the trees do the work for you.

Who needs an arch or urn to frame your ceremony space? During Christmastime you have elegantly-styled trees framing you and your fiancé during the ceremony in the Ballroom at Meadow Brook Hall.

There are trees in just about every room, which make for the perfect backdrop for your head table, ceremony, or event photo spot for your guests. Why spend the money on a photo booth, when guests can snap a selfie in front of the tree?!

Go seasonal with the décor!

There are so many options when it comes to greens in floral design, but evergreen is a classic to use at Christmas. Plus, red roses make a beautiful pop of color. Your florist can get creative with incorporating other design elements like pine cones, branches, ornaments, and, cranberries. Other greens, like eucalyptus, and metalics of all shades, work great next to the trees and ornaments lining the halls here at Meadow Brook.

Dress for the weather.

Everyone gets dressed up around the holidays. Bridesmaids in floor length neutral or metallic colors will match any decoration. Don’t forget to help keep everyone warm during those outdoor photos – the (fake) fur wraps really tie the ensemble together and look absolutely stunning in photos!

Christmas time at The Great Estate is truly breathtaking. Just imagine how your wedding would look here next Christmastime at Meadow Brook Hall!

Photos courtesy of Kari Dawson Photography, Mike Staff Productions and Jeffrey Lewis Bennett.

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