The Holidays at Meadow Brook feature the indoor Holiday Walk and outdoor Winter Wonder Lights.

Tiffany in the Holiday Hallway

Hanging Tiffany LampMeadow Brook Hall’s outdoor evening light show, Winter Wonder Lights, is a remarkable feat of design, development and storytelling.

While it is filled with beautiful, sparkling environments, each area is also inspired by the people, places and design of the Great Estate itself.

Art & Inspiration

One such remarkable environment is the magnificent Rose Garden, which has been transformed with fantastic colors and glowing orbs. The design for this part of the light show, called Holiday Hallway, was inspired by Meadow Brook’s Tiffany collection of fine art glass. 

Louis Comfort Tiffany was a multifaceted artist who was most known for his work in glass, interior decoration, metalwork, and jewelry. The formation of Tiffany Studios in 1900 grew his popularity and he caught the eye of Matilda Dodge Wilson.


Tiffany vases

The Beauty of Tiffany

Matilda was a client of Louis Comfort Tiffany for nearly 20 years. She and John Dodge purchased many items from Tiffany Studios, including lights and vases to furnish their house in Detroit on Boston Boulevard.

In 1917, John and Matilda started building a house in Grosse Pointe and Tiffany Studios were commissioned to design the interiors for the home, which would include furnishings, custom lighting, and – of course – a series of stained glass windows. Unfortunately, the Grosse Pointe House was never completed.

The Holidays at Meadow Brook feature the indoor Holiday Walk and outdoor Winter Wonder Lights.

Instead, Matilda incorporated the stained glass medallions and the collection of Tiffany lights and vases from the Boston Boulevard house in the creation of Meadow Brook Hall.

Tiffany was trained as a painter which developed his sense of color. He often said he was inspired by nature, which he thought was the ideal of beauty.

Our Holiday Hallway at Winter Wonder Lights incorporates Tiffany’s use of shape, layers, light, and color to develop a Tiffany Holiday experience in our Rose Garden.

About the Holidays at Meadow Brook

By day, our beloved annual Holiday Walk transports visitors through the historic mansion decked in shimmering splendor until Saturday, Dec. 23, while Winter Wonder Lights transforms the estate at night into a breathtaking light show featuring music, seasonal treats and holiday magic. Winter Wonder Lights runs through Saturday, Dec. 30.

Celebrate the season with us at the most wonder-filled time of year! Tickets are available at!