Wedding party in front of Meadow Brook Hall in a full array of colors

Our Top 4 Wedding Trends of 2024

The predictions have been cast for emerging wedding trends on the rise for 2024. If you’re searching for the fresh fads of the wedding season, our talented team of wedding planners and professionals have collected a few of our favorites.

Whether it’s colors to inspire, chic décor ideas or a whole vibe, these wedding trends are sure to inspire any engaged couple.

Trend #1: Quiet Luxury

Beautiful wedding at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, Michigan.For a look that is always timeless, keep things refined and elegant by making a statement – without making a noise. This is a trend that is all about sidestepping current trends.

Focus on soft, delicate florals and romantic décor that gives the feeling of effortless elegance. Long tables with unique candle light and lightly patterned place settings help set the mood.

Hiring a wedding day painter or setting the scene with a vintage car can add to this aura of modern meets vintage. It’s more than an aesthetic, quiet luxury sets the mood of “old money” sophistication and romance.

Trend #2: Bright, Bold Colors

colorful table decor

Your big day is no time to go small! Take on a vibrant array of fresh colors to liven up your ceremony and reception. From a colorful selection of bridesmaids’ dresses, to bright floral arrangements and table linens, couples are looking to add a splash of fun to liven up the occasion.

While some weddings stick to one statement color – aquamarine, lavender or emerald green will be very popular in the coming wedding season – and other celebrations adopt a full pallet of earth tones or pastels. Create your own signature style by embracing color at your celebration.

Trend #3: A Taste of Europe

Beautiful wedding at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, Michigan.If you’re dreaming of the charm of castles and old-world gardens to elevate your wedding aesthetic, a European-inspired venue might be closer to home than you think! Bring the vibe of manicured English grounds or the luxe French architecture on your wedding day by choosing the right venue.

This historic mansion gives a taste of European country, without the price tag of international travel for all your friends and family. From the two-storied, Gothic-inspired Ballroom to the English Tudor stone façade, Meadow Brook offers European charm with American history and craftsmanship.

Trend #4: Make it Especially Yours

Today, many couples want to host a wedding that compliments their personalities and style. More and more couples are looking for unique, intimate touches and details that showcase things that are special to them.

For foodie couples, this could mean offering a reception menu filled with your favorite fare. From passed hors d’oeuvres and selection of entrees to a sweets display, late-night snack or signature cocktail at the bar.

For others, it could be a live band playing your favorite hits, a surprise appearance from your team’s mascot, or having your furry friend walk down the aisle, Meadow Brook can help bring your vision to life.

The Great Estate is Michigan’s most romantic full-service wedding venue featuring fresh, inspired cuisine and world-class service. Our events team brings a premier touch to your wedding experience, helping to curate a custom event that transitions seamlessly from dream to the big day.

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