Help us keep the doors open by donating to Meadow Brook during the All University Fund Drive 2019.

OU launches 2019 All University Fund Drive

Each year, Oakland University hosts a special All University Fund Drive (AUFD) fundraising campaign designed for faculty and staff to fund their passion and support different areas of the institution, such as Meadow Brook Hall. The 2019 AUFD will run through Friday, Dec. 6, 2019.

As a self-supporting museum and cultural institution, Meadow Brook Hall relies on fundraising activities such as AUFD to operate.

Meadow Brook Hall is the birthplace of OU. In 1957, Matilda Dodge Wilson and Alfred Wilson made the visionary decision to donate their home and estate to found what would become Oakland University.

Today, their home Meadow Brook Hall is a National Historic Landmark with 110 rooms, 88,000 square feet and thousands of priceless artifacts.

Ninety years ago, it cost $4 million to build Meadow Brook Hall, and today it takes nearly $4 million every year to keep the doors open. Annual budgetary needs range from operating expenses to strategic preservation and interpretation efforts.

For more information about AUFD or to make a donation, please visit