Membership Frequently Asked Questions

All of your Meadow Brook Hall Membership questions, answered. For more information, please contact our Membership & Giving Coordinator Lauren at (248) 364-6264 or .

What are the membership levels?

There are four levels:

  • Individual: $65 (one adult)
  • Duo: $100 (2 adults)
  • Family: $150 (2 adults and children/grandchildren under 18)
  • Ambassador: $500 (2 adults and up to 4 guests)

How long does a membership last?

The duration of a membership is 1 year from the date of purchase.

Is touring included in the membership?

Members at all levels enjoy free admission to all of our tours, including Holiday Walk. However, the 1929 tour is excluded.

What happens with current members?

Current members will be able to enjoy their existing benefits until expiration. When it is time to renew, they will have the opportunity to select the membership level that is the best fit.

How will members who come in for touring be identified?

Members will be asked to present their membership card, along with photo identification. New membership cards will also include the level so that the museum shop attendant will easily be able to ascertain the member’s benefits.

What does “Early access (on select days)” mean?

Members will be invited (via email and on the website) to enjoy certain tours and exhibits prior to them opening to the public.

Does the member get a copy of the current magazine when they sign up?

Yes, members will receive a copy of the current magazine at the time of the sign up.

What is NARM?

NARM is the acronym for North American Reciprocal Museum Association and it is a reciprocal membership program with over 1,000 member institutions in which Meadow Brook Hall in now participating. NARM members will receive the same benefit as MBH members: free touring and 10% discount in their museum shop.

How do I receive those benefits at a NARM institution?

All members of the NARM program will have a membership card with a NARM sticker identifying them as a member. NARM members wishing to tour must provide a current membership card and a photo I.D. The named individuals on the membership card will receive free touring and the museum shop discount.

What institutions, outside of Michigan, are NARM members?

Please click here for the full list. You can search by state, category, or newest members.

Do members at the Ambassador level get to bring their immediate family (spouse and children/grandchildren under 18) in addition to the 4 guests?


Do the guests of an Ambassador member get free admission to Holiday Walk?


I didn’t see my question on here. Who should I contact for more information?

Please reach out to our Membership & Giving Coordinator Lauren at (248) 364-6262 or .