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Garden Tent Weddings at Meadow Brook Hall

Outdoor weddings come in many different forms, but the elegant Garden Tent here at Meadow Brook Hall makes the perfect venue to create a unique wedding that fits your theme and personality. Keep reading to see the benefits of moving your wedding reception outside, and what you should think about when using a tent for your reception.

Decorate to match your wedding style.

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An outdoor tent gives you a blank, white canvas to create the look and theme you want for your wedding.

Bold colors and patterns really pop amid the neutral background, so you don’t have to worry about clashing with existing carpet or wallpaper. Anything from rich, dark tones to fun patterns or subtle but bold colors provide great contrast.

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If a bold look isn’t what you’re going for, the existing white draping compliments softer colors well too. Natural woods, greenery, metallic tones, and soft white and tan colors make a real statement.


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You can customize the space for your group.

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There are so many benefits to having a blank space to make your own! You can customize the layout of your head table (or captain’s table, or sweetheart table), guest tables, bar, dance floor, and stage so everything is exactly how you want it. You can also make sure the lighting is the perfect fit for the mood and theme you choose for your wedding.  Paper lanterns hanging from above, bistro lights strung back and forth over tables, chandeliers placed over key areas, and uplighting projecting bold colors onto the draping in the ceiling – lighting can transform a space and set the atmosphere for your guests.




Keep guests comfortable with the benefits of outdoor atmosphere.

One of the biggest appeals of using a tent for your wedding reception is that guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery around them. Meadow Brook Hall’s tent has gorgeous views of the colorful gardens, the majestic mansion, and the lush golf course. Sometimes you can even spot the deer that come out in the evenings to graze on the golf course.

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But remember, not all tents are created equally.

If you use a tent in your backyard or in a park, make sure you think about a few things:

  • Find dry, level ground.
  • Make a plan in case of rain.
  • How will you handle extreme temperatures?
  • Will your DJ and lighting have enough electricity?

Because Meadow Brook Hall’s tent is semi-permanent, there is a concrete floor (no shoes sinking into mud or grass!), and siding all the way around to keep wind and rain out, so you don’t have to worry about napkins and favors blowing away before your guests come in for dinner. Electricity is built-in and ready to handle lighting, music, photo booths, and more. Plus, there is both heat and air conditioning in the tent, so chilly nights or hot days are no problem!

A tent can really be anything you want it to be for your wedding – formal and elegant, casual and fun, or anywhere in between. The possibilities are truly endless.

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  1. Good afternoon, I’m wondering if you have any dates available for a wedding reception in the garden tent in the Spring of 2021?