Meadow Brook's Aeolian Organ is the largest in Michigan

A Special Look – and Listen – at Meadow Brook’s Aeolian Organ

In a home filled with rare and precious things, the Aeolian Organ at Meadow Brook Hall stands apart as something quite remarkable.

Surrounded by an ornate inlaid wood console made of American Oak and featuring elegant and winding white flowers, the organ can be played from inside the Organ Alcove – a space between the hall’s library and living room.

A beautiful Tiffany Studios lamp hangs above the alcove, bathing the space with a beautiful and ethereal glow. The bulk of the organ exists within the structure of the historic mansion. In addition to the Organ Alcove itself, three chambers of organ pipes stretch across the basement, with a pipe room echoing through the fourth floor.

More than one hundred years after it was built, listening to a performance on Meadow Brook’s remarkable Aeolian Organ is a unique occasion.

Whether you’re able to hear the instrument or simply see it, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. Learn and listen in this Meadow Brook Minute video by OUTV.