Home for the Holidays

All the grandeur of the holidays and cherished traditions come together as you emerge from the woodland and encounter the Front Facade for the first time. A joyful experience of music and light welcomes you to Meadow Brook Hall.

The Dodge Wilson family always came home for the holidays. Learn more about their traditions here.

Matilda’s Memories

Matilda Dodge Wilson and Frances Dodge share a toboggan ride
Matilda Dodge Wilson and Frances Dodge share a toboggan ride in 1922.

In 1959, Matilda told the Detroit Free Press her favorite memory was gifts being delivered by horse and cutter on Christmas morning, a tradition she continued with her own family.

“When I was a girl, at home, our Christmases were very simple. We were a small family and our relatives lived too far away in Canada to be with us. This is probably why I’ll always remember the exciting times at Meadow Brook.”

With five children, three stepchildren and many grandchildren, Christmas was always a fun and joyful time!


A Time of Generosity

“Holiday dinners for the employees were outstanding too: The table set with some of Mrs. Wilson’s special linens, dishes and of course a center piece from the greenhouse….

The staff Christmas tree was large and lovely with many beautiful gifts.

Everyone received one from each member of the family, plus an envelope with a gift of money from Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, also from the pets for the party who cared for each of them.” – Beatrice Whitaker, head housekeeper.