Meadow Brook Girl Scout Programs

Bring your troop to Meadow Brook Hall to explore the historic mansion and experience our engaging Girl Scout programs.

Meadow Brook Hall inspires and educates with its grand rooms and collections of fine and decorative art. The expansive collection provides scouts with insight into local history that has had an international impact, making this estate, with its original furnishings unlike any place you have seen before.

Meadow Brook Girl Scout Program Features:

  • Tour times: Tours are offered on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • GUEST COUNT: Scout programs are available for a minimum group of 10 people (scouts, adults, and siblings). Due to the capacity of the scout room, tours allow for a maximum of 35 guests. Please limit adult attendance to Troop Leaders and 1 adult for every 6 scouts.
  • Cost: Girl Scout programs are $12 per person attending (scouts, adults, and siblings). A Meadow Brook Patch is available for $3 each.
  • Free admissions: With the first ten paid admissions, your group receives two free admissions for troop leaders.
  • Arrive early: Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your tour to ensure starting and ending on time. Groups that arrive late will have their tour shortened accordingly.


Available Girl Scout Programs:


Designed as a first visit and introduction to Meadow Brook Hall, the Teddy Bear Tea Party is perfect for young girls. It includes a brief introduction of the Dodge-Wilson family, a tour of the first floor and a tea party. Girls are invited to bring a teddy bear or doll to have “tea” with them. Approximately 1 and a half hours.


This tour focuses on the Wilson and Dodge children and how life at Meadow Brook Hall in 1929 differs from our own today. What has changed, and what has stayed the same? Scouts meet the requirements for the “Making Games Badge” by  playing a variety of games, as well as taking home a blank game board so that they can create their own. Approximately 1.5 hours. 

contributes towards: Brownie Girl Scouts – Making Games badge 


This tour focuses on the life of Frances Dodge and what it was like to grow up as a young girl at Meadow Brook Farms and Hall in the 1920s and 30s. We will also cover some of the great accomplishments of Matilda Dodge Wilson, who made great contributions to her community through her philanthropic work. After the tour, take part in an art activity in Frances’ Playroom. Approximately 1.5 hours

contributes towards: Junior Girl Scouts – Playing the Past badge


Your troop knows Meadow Brook like the back of their hands, now they’re ready to “master” it by exploring behind the scenes. Check out the secret passage ways and attic level of Meadow Brook Hall, an exclusive tour for Scouts only! This tour is intended for the older Scout who has been to Meadow Brook before. Approximately 1.5 hours.


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Your girls will learn to properly set a table, introduce themselves, handle meals at a friend’s house, and more! This tour changes according to the age range. Plan to spend an additional 30 minutes in Frances’ playroom.

*Offered as a combination tour in addition to other Girl Scout tours. (additional $3 per scout)

Contributes toward the following:


  • Zinni (Spring Green Petal): Considerate and Caring
  • Mari (Orange Petal): Responsible for What I Say and DO
  • Gloria (Purple Petal): Respect Myself and Others


  • Social Butterfly Badge

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