Wedding at Meadow Brook Hall

Meadow Brook Hall’s wedding planning team has a tip to help get your wedding on the calendar—by booking a Friday or Sunday wedding! Photo by Breanne Rochelle Photography.

Wedding Blog: Ready to Wed? Try a Friday or Sunday Wedding!

Now that most COVID restrictions have lifted and society is opening back up, many people are ready for things they’ve put off—such as wedding planning!

Engaged couples are ready to get married and are finding their desired venues and vendors booked solid. Meadow Brook Hall’s wedding planning team has a tip to help get your wedding on the calendar—by booking a Friday or Sunday wedding!

Read on below to see why a Friday or Sunday wedding just might be the best wedding trend to emerge from the pandemic.

Time to Celebrate!

Couple on their wedding day at Meadow Brook Hall The end of the COVID-era is in sight, and brides, grooms and spouses-to-be who delayed their weddings are now ready to celebrate. One challenge is the same that has already impacted the housing market and so many goods and services today—supply and demand.

With an incredible demand for wedding venues and vendors, prime dates have filled with new and rescheduled nuptials—and opened the door for Friday and Sunday weddings! Flexible couples can host the wedding of their dreams without having to wait an extra year to book their wedding on a Saturday.

Plan Ahead for Fridays or Sundays

The key to making any big event work—especially one on a less traditional day—is to plan ahead and give everyone plenty of notice. Make sure you send out your Friday or Sunday wedding Save the Dates with plenty of time to spare so that people can make necessary arrangements.

Rest assured that your friends and family will still come—no matter what day of the week your wedding is. They are coming to celebrate you and the start of your new life together.

A Party is still a Party

Wedding reception at Meadow Brook Hall

More guests may need to take a day off work or school to attend, but most are more than happy to do so. In fact, plenty of guests take time off to travel to and attend weddings no matter what day they are on, so you can confidently plan your big day for any day.

Guests may even be happier with a Friday or Sunday wedding too—after all, Saturdays are the busiest weekend day for everyone. Even weekday weddings are on the rise, which shows that people are ready to socialize and celebrate every day of the week!

Ask About Special Discounts

Wedding at Meadow Brook HallThe great news about planning a Friday or Sunday wedding is that not only will more of your preferred vendors be available, but you may be eligible for special discounts or non-premium rates.

Many wedding venues and vendors hope to book as many events in the season as possible, and are willing to work with you to make it happen. You may find that a Friday or Sunday weddings will allow you to upgrade your choice of anything from venues to photography, videography, catering and more.


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