Bride and groom on their wedding day at Meadow Brook Hall

Photography by Mike Staff Productions.

Guest Blog: The Beauty of Weekday Weddings

At Meadow Brook Hall, we are always looking for the best new wedding trends to ensure our brides, grooms and spouses-to-be can make their wedding dreams come true.

As many plans have changed—and weddings have been postponed—due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have partnered with Mike Staff Productions, a wedding services (photography, videography, DJ) company based in Troy, Mich.,  to share an exciting emerging trend: Weekday weddings!

Read below to learn more about weekday weddings from the Mike Staff team!

By Mike Staff Productions

Thursdays are the new Saturday

Couple kiss beneath the bride's veil at Meadow Brook HallTrue story: Your wedding doesn’t have to take place on a Friday or Saturday. Having a weekday wedding is a real option and a trend folks in the wedding industry are seeing more and more in light of the coronavirus pandemic. When COVID-19 brought group gatherings to a halt this spring, the fallout surrounding 2020 weddings was truly unprecedented.

With so many weddings being rescheduled in 2020, desired dates are filling up and fast. Any remaining dates for weekend weddings in the fall and into spring 2021 are at risk of being scooped up by other couples equally navigating this tricky scenario. But if you want to marry sooner than later, this is where having a weekday wedding can come into play — without sacrificing the fun!

What to Consider When Changing Your Date

Bride and groom smile at each other at Meadow Brook weddingAccording to The Knot, about 21% of couples with weddings in 2020 already plan to move their receptions to a different day of the week. Believe it or not, between the months of May to December 2020, over 63,000 couples have now set ceremony dates for Mondays according to their data.

If you still need to make a change, you need to prioritize what’s important. Here are some crucial questions to discuss with your spouse that may help you narrow down the perfect, new wedding date:

  • Is a specific date, month, time of year important to you?
  • Is a specific venue important?
  • Is having the wedding the same size a priority?
  • Do you need to trim your guest list?
  • Are your vendors available?
  • Weekday Weddings Do Not Mean Sacrificing FUN!

Couple cuts the cake at their Meadow Brook weddingThere is no ‘rule’ that says love can only be celebrated on the weekends. We’re here to tell you (from experience) that is NOT the case. Your guests will attend your Thursday wedding for the same reason they would attend your Saturday wedding… because they LOVE YOU. That means they will want to celebrate your love story any day of the week.

Let’s be realistic, people may have school and work obligations but the key to making sure your weekday wedding still rocks is advance notice. Whether it’s sending out new save-the-date cards, emailing out the link to your wedding website or simply calling/texting your guests about the date – give them plenty of time to make arrangements they needed to attend. (Hint, hint: people have to do that for weekend weddings, too!)

Bottom line:

  • Your friends & family will still come
  • Your guests will still party and have fun (we can help!)
  • You will still have a great wedding
  • You won’t have to wait until 2021 to have your wedding, because weekday dates are available right now!

With everything that’s occurred in 2020, many will crave socializing and reconnecting at your wedding… regardless of the day of the week. Of course, it’s important to prioritize your safety and continue to follow the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing and group gatherings. But remember: Your love remains the same whether you get married on a Friday or Wednesday.

Availability & Budget Friendly Bonus

Bride gazes out gothic windows at Meadow Brook HallRegardless of how you choose to celebrate, you’ll still be able to document the day the same way because wedding vendors are likely very much available on your weekday wedding. If you have your heart on working with a specific wedding DJ, photographer or videographer, your chances of making that happen skyrocket by planning a weekday wedding. The very best vendors and venues book out far in advance for those coveted Saturday wedding dates – so save yourself the disappointment.

Lastly, it goes without saying – booking your wedding on a weekday means you can expect some pretty sizable savings on everything from venues to catering to transportation and more.

Many thanks to the Mike Staff team for sharing great ideas about hosting a weekday wedding.

For more information about being married at Meadow Brook—and what your weekday wedding could look like—visit or reach out to our events team at .