Beautiful wedding at Meadow Brook Hall.

Wedding Blog: Photo Shoots for Forever

A look. A glance. A feeling. Now is such a special moment in your life. And you want to capture it forever.

Photo shoots are more than a way to fill the frames on your mantle and update your social media feed. They are a way to bottle up the magic of life’s changing seasons and hold onto it long beyond when the newlywed sparkle settles and the children grow so tall.

A Beautiful Backdrop

Family photo shoot at Meadow Brook HallWith 16 unique gardens, remarkable architecture and an old-world atmosphere all its own, Meadow Brook Hall is a beautiful backdrop for your favorite faces.

The Great Estate is an incredible location for photo and video shoots of all kinds—from wedding photos and engagement photo shoots to family photos, anniversary photos, senior portraits and so much more.

Each season brings its own distinct look, from frost covered fountains to borders bursting with blooms. Meadow Brook’s photo shoots are set outdoors, which allows your photographer nearly infinite locations to capture your memories.

For Dream Weddings and Wedding Parties

Engagement photo shoot at Meadow Brook HallCouples getting married at Meadow Brook Hall receive a complimentary engagement photo shoot at the estate. Many couples book their planned wedding photographer for this session as an introduction to each other and the estate—and to set the stage for their big day!

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No matter where you get married, Meadow Brook is a beautiful location to bring your new spouse and wedding party for unforgettable photos.

Building Memories and Albums

Senior photo shoot at Meadow Brook HallCreate your own traditions as your life changes and your family grows. Many couples who married at Meadow Brook return year after year, making new memories and building a remarkable collection of family photos in the same spaces, as the faces change.

Share your beautiful photos on social media, in your holiday cards and framed on your walls. Because this moment only happens once, a photo shoot will create permanent keepsakes that remind you of a special time when your love was new or when your child was only this big.


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