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Wedding Blog: Our Top Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

She (or he) said yes! It’s time to pop the bubbly, snap a special photo and share the news with your friends and family!

Getting engaged is one of the most significant and joyous moments of your life. It’s a special time that kicks off a beautiful new phase of your relationship. Enjoy the congratulations and well wishes! And then, it’s on to the wedding planning!

Wedding planning can be wonderful and a little overwhelming. At Meadow Brook Hall, our experienced event specialists have pulled together their top tips for couples to do once they’re engaged.

Bride and Groom pose at Meadow Brook HallRevel in the Reveal

Announcing your engagement is one of the first things you will do together as a newly engaged couple.

It is fun and exciting to share your news on social media but don’t forget to take time to share with the important people in your life—and be considerate of those such as grandparents who may not have access to your Facebook or Instagram. Calling, video chatting or visiting with loved ones lets you enjoy the moment and celebrate together.

Newly engaged couples are some of the happiest people on the planet! Enjoy these days and try not to rush into wedding planning just yet. Spend the time with your new fiancé dreaming of your future together before the planning details bring you down to earth.

Talk about the Big Picture

Planning your wedding is often the first major thing that couples need to compromise on, and it comes with a lot of choices, ranging from budget and size to the type of celebration you want to host. It can be difficult to find a happy medium if he wants a big party and she wants to elope, so talking about the big picture, prioritize what’s important and start to get a handle on what will be possible with your budget.

While you don’t need to get down to every detail right away, the early days of an engagement are a good time to take each other’s temperature on important issues, such as who you’d like in the wedding party, religious considerations for the ceremony, size of the guest list, general budget and more. Having a plan for some of these major details will help you narrow the search for venues and dates.

Bridal party celebrates at Meadow Brook Hall

Set your Wedding Timeline

A 2019 study by The Knot shows that the average length

of an engagement in the U.S. is 15 months. While there is no hard and fast deadline for when couples need to wed, it’s important to understand the volume of details that go into planning a major event. The best way to set everyone’s expectations for the wedding timeline is to determine when you would like to get married and work backwards.

Some couples know they want to be married outdoors while others are interested in winter weddings or other off-season scenes—that may come with unique photo opportunities and savings on venues and vendors. Determining a general date and season helps you to back up every other decision and create a timeline for when you will want or need to make other choices by—including special events and celebrations such as engagement pictures, wedding showers, and more.

Bride and Groom come down a floral-filled aisle following their ceremony.Begin the Wedding Planning!

Now that you have some of the big decisions under your belt, it is time to actually start planning your wedding! This is the time to attend wedding open houses, visit venues and research great vendors such as photographers and florists. Ask for recommendations from friends and family who have recently been married and consider working with a wedding planner or event specialist who can help.

Wedding planning comes with a lot of details, so it’s important to be organized from the start. Create a shared digital folder where you can save quotes, budgets, contacts and more. Keeping everything in one place helps to keep the planning smooth and to share important information with your soon-to-be spouse and any key family or friends who are helping with the process.

Planning a wedding may be filled with surprises, emotions and learning opportunities. Remember to pack your patience and enjoy your new fiancé while you plan the first day of the rest of your lives. Happy wedding planning!

Meadow Brook Hall hosts free wedding open houses and site visits that give couples a chance to explore the estate and meet with our event specialists who can help you navigate the path to your dream wedding.

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