The Holidays at Meadow Brook feature the indoor Holiday Walk and outdoor Winter Wonder Lights.

Up on the Rooftops at Meadow Brook

It’s the sound every child listens for, waiting at night in their beds. The sound of reindeer on the roof and the ringing bells of Santa’s sleigh. Softly he lands and quietly he slides down the chimney. But what if your house has 39 chimneys? How will Santa know which one to come down?

This was the question asked Matilda Dodge Wilson by her little granddaughter Rikki one holiday season.

They were hanging their stockings by the mantle with care, and she was worried that he wouldn’t be able to find the right fireplace to bring the toys and presents and treats. And Matilda laughed gently, and replied, “We always shine a red light on the right chimney to guide Santa in.”

To honor this tradition of magic, hope and childhood dreaming, Meadow Brook Hall has brought this historic story to life during the Holidays at Meadow Brook.

Winter Wonder Lights visitors can see our reimagining of Santa’s red light as you stroll along the Loggia at the back of the house.

Watch below and look up on the rooftops to see our modern-day recreation of Matilda’s special light for Santa:



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