Our Fave Wedding Moments of 2019

It has been an incredible year at Meadow Brook. As season followed season, our brides, grooms and new spouses of all kinds have given us many reasons to smile.

Our event planning team have been the boots-on-the-ground, working, helping, inspiring and enjoying the special moments—the tears, embraces, surprises and laughs—that make up a Meadow Brook wedding. Read on to see our team’s favorite moments as they reflect on a truly fantastic year.


Lori, Sales and Events Manager

For me, 2019 was all about Christy and Austin’s masquerade wedding just before Halloween. It was so glamorous, so sophisticated and so dramatic. From rich velvets and gold vases to mirrors, a black and white dance floor and a special kid’s party room that came complete with costumes and crafts, this wedding was one to remember.

Every detail was on-theme, including the gorgeous sequinned cake by Sweet Heather Anne. The couple was so in love and had an absolute blast at the reception.

One of my favorite touches to the evening was the dressing room filled with masquerade masks and cloaks that guests could wear for the party and even take home as a favor. Every element was exquisite and something that we have never seen done before in the Garden Tent. I absolutely loved it!

Shannon, Sales Associate

My favorite was Kyle and Cody’s wedding over Memorial Day weekend. Kyle and Cody and their families were so great to work with. Everyone got along and was so happy to be there celebrating love. The weather tried to rain on the party but cleared up just in time, which was great because the couple decided at the last minute to do a first look when they got here!

I LOVED their décor – it was unique but still on-trend, with lots of twigs, natural wood and succulents.

They even carried the décor theme into their cupcake tower—something that miraculously survived, despite trying to melt in the sun! The ceremony décor pieces were stunning, and I loved being part of their outdoor wedding in our Rock Garden and the Garden Tent.

Alexis, Event Manager

Allison & Jordan’s wedding was my favorite this year. They were one of my sweetest couples and from Lake Orion, which is where I live so we had a lot in common!

They are both teachers in the same school district and both were SO excited for their big day.  I loved their day because it was the most perfect June evening—74 degrees and partly sunny. They used a lot of vendors who we work often with (Mike Staff Productions, Daily Dozen Donuts, Elysium Experience, LUXE) so the day was so smooth and easy from a planning perspective.

Allison’s dad loves cars, so of course he had to drive his daughter to her wedding in his beautiful corvette. It was such a special moment for the two of them! Once guests got into the tent, they were greeted with the most amazing smells from the most extravagant donut wall I’ve ever seen that her brother and Dad handmade for her. It was such a perfect day!

Stephanie, Event Manager

I would say that the most memorable thing for me this year was the dove release during Alysha and Matthew’s ceremony in September. The mother of the groom wanted to surprise the couple with something special, so she organized a surprise dove release.

When the bride went down the aisle, she saw the birds in their decorative cage to one side and thought they were just a decoration. When the officiant (her uncle) said they were going to do a dove release, she was startled, but with her new husband, they released the doves together and the doves flew home.

It was really special because you could tell she was terrified but she still did it, which is a great way to start a marriage. Together you can accomplish anything, even your fears! They came back in and celebrated the night away.


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