Meadow Brook Wedding Blog: Winter Weddings

Weddings in the wintertime can be truly unique and beautiful, especially with gorgeous outdoor landscapes for photos. Hosting your wedding at this time of year provides some great benefits and selling points that summer weddings miss out on.

Colors & Decor

Winter months are the perfect time of year to feature classic and timeless colors throughout your wedding design, from dresses to stationary to décor. Pale blues and pinks with silver reflect the light colors we see outside on a snow-covered day, while deep jewel tones like dark red, navy, and purple work as stunning contrasts if bold is more your style. We always see beautiful deep-colored roses at this time of year, but your florist can help you pick the best seasonal flowers to match your colors.

Natural wood tones or venues with wood paneling with a crackling fire elicit the homey feeling of warmth and comfort we all associate with the season too. You can even bring in wood elements like branches for tall centerpieces.

Greenery is also a beautiful décor option and often is less expensive than flower-heavy décor. Everything from ferns, silver dollar eucalyptus, and ivy to pine, spruce, and cedar – there are so many colors, shades, and shapes of greenery that you can find varieties to match your style.

Unique photos

We’ve all seen the same standard summertime photos hundreds of times, but the winter weather photos are the ones that make us take a second look. From rolling hills dusted in snow, to beautiful wooded areas, to capturing that perfect snowfall, the moments can be truly magical. Plus, outdoor photos give you the chance to include fun accents like fur wraps!

Not prepared to brave the outdoors? Meadow Brook Hall has so many beautiful indoors backdrops for photos, too.

Other benefits

Aside from all the benefits in terms of pictures and décor, there are several more advantages you can take advantage of since the winter months are considered “off season” for weddings here in Michigan.

First, of course, is off-season pricing! Meadow Brook Hall offers savings of around $3,000 on the rental in winter months compared to summer time, plus you will find lower spending minimums at most venues. Event vendors like DJs and photographers sometimes have better pricing at this time of year.

Speaking of vendors, you are way more likely to get your top choice of photographers, videographers, bands, DJs, etc., even if you book at the last minute. Since not as many people get married at this time of year, vendors don’t book up as quickly and have fewer conflicts.

Vendors aren’t the only ones. We’ve all had conflicts come up with summertime weddings – whether it’s vacation plans, graduations, or another wedding. There are a lot fewer big events like that during the winter, so your guests are more likely to make it to your celebration too.

Winter weddings truly bring many benefits, from unique moments and one-of-a-kind décor, to lower costs!

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