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Meadow Brook Wedding Blog: Get in the Spirit of a Halloween Wedding

While some couples shy away from booking a wedding on holidays, some embrace them! Whether it’s Independence Day, Friday the 13th, New Year’s Eve, or National Spaghetti Day, there is always a way to incorporate the holiday into your big day.

Some couples opt for subtle inclusion with understated colors (blue and red flowers in centerpieces on 4th of July weekend), while others go all-in on a theme. With this post, we will look at Chelsea and Matt’s wedding that truly embraced the Halloween theme.


The easiest way to incorporate a theme into any event is with décor. You could choose to subtly tie in Halloween theme with a black textured linen and centerpieces arranged from pumpkins, white gourds, and mums. Or, you go full Halloween mode with spider webs, skulls, and a bust of Frankenstein on a side table!

Chelsea and Matt featured a skeleton bride and groom at the entrance to the Hall, so guests would have no doubt they were in for a treat! They added fall leaves with their aged-looking welcome sign and engagement photo to bring a pop of color, too.

In the dining room where guests ate dinner, they rented black spider web wine glasses and had skull candelabras alongside black trees. A nearby side table held a skull on a silver platter with a spider on top, and a few ghostly busts surrounding a black and white family photo.


Another component that really lets you get creative with a theme is the food. Especially with weddings, your cake can easily be decorated to match the theme, whether it’s the full design or you just incorporate a cake topper that fits the occasion.

Chelsea and Matt made sure their wedding cake from Tasty Layers screamed Halloween – from the purple color with black vines to the zombie bride and groom cake topper. And of course one layer was pumpkin flavor, because you can’t leave pumpkin spice out of a Halloween event.

Besides the cake, the couple made sure their guests made up for skipping out on trick-or-treating. They had an entire table filled with candy for guests to choose from!



Last but not least, what you and your guests wear can really seal the deal when it comes to theme weddings. There’s always the option of dressing as the Bride of Frankenstein, but if you still want the traditional bridal look there are other ways to have the theme shine through.

In Chelsea’s case, her bridal party wore floor length black dresses with a collar detail that is reminiscent of spider webs – just a hint of creepy for the day while still looking elegant. The flower girls can have the most fun with themes, and we love the costumes the girls wore!

The Halloween style wasn’t just for the ladies, though. The entire wedding party had fun masks to wear in the wedding colors of black, purple, and silver.

Chelsea and Matt truly embraced their Halloween wedding date and rocked their themed wedding! There are so many ways to let a holiday or other theme shine through.

What theme would you love to see at a wedding?

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