Welcome to Winter Wonder Lights

We invite you to experience the Estate illuminated for the holidays where designers, artisans and fabricators from around Detroit and the country transformed the estate grounds into an immersive tour and light show –  filled with original displays inspired by the magnificence of Meadow Brook Hall and the legendary family that called this place home. We welcome you to discover this one-of-a-kind holiday magic experience. Happy Holidays!

New D Media

Holidays at Meadow Brook Installation:
Tree Tales and Flight of the Pegasus

New D Media Arts develops and implement various forms of light sculpture and projection mapping installations. The bases of the work stems from numerous art grants and creative corporate projects, such as a 2013 commission from the Detroit Institute of Arts or working with major technologies supplier Denso to create an artistically unique show piece installation for Auto Show and CES exhibits. Consistently honing the skills, we are building the toolset and gaining the experience in order to realize all the tremendous potential these flexible and expressive new technologies can offer.