Inside Meadow Brook Hall

Did you know Meadow Brook Hall has 110 room, 23 bathrooms, 25 bedrooms, 24 fireplaces, 2 elevators and spans 88,000 square feet! That’s a lot to decorate!

Spanning 88,000 square feet, 110 rooms and 1400+ acres, Meadow Brook Hall is the fourth largest historic house museum in the nation. It was constructed between 1926 and 1929 in near-secrecy to the tune of $4 million.

A National Historic Landmark, Meadow Brook Hall is a museum, cultural center and wedding and events venue.  Meadow Brook represents one of the finest examples of Tudor-revival architecture in America, and is especially renowned for its superb craftsmanship, architectural detailing and grand scale.

From exquisite décor to practical details, the 88,000-square foot, 110-room mansion is sure to enchant visitors. Meadow Brook tours take visitors on a journey through time to learn about the historic mansion and the people who lived and worked there in the 20th century.

Meadow Brook Hall is the historic home of Matilda Dodge Wilson, widow of automobile pioneer John Dodge, and her second husband, lumber broker Alfred Wilson, along with their children Frances, Dan, Richard and Barbara. Like all families, the Dodge and Wilsons experienced their share of joys, fun and celebrations in their home, along with challenges and tragedies.

In 1957, the Wilsons donated the entire estate and $2 million to found what eventually became Oakland University.


Carved plaster ceiling in Meadow Brook Hall's Christopher Wren Dining Room

Meadow Brook Hall is a venue for business events, weddings and celebrations

Stained glass windows at Meadow Brook Hall

The Pegasus Garden at Meadow Brook HallMatilda Dodge Wilson's bathroom at Meadow Brook Hall.