Meadow Brook Adopt an Artifact Program

To better protect and interpret The Hall as it looked when it opened in 1929, Meadow Brook Hall is pleased to announce the Adopt an Artifact program. Each year, a small number of specific restoration projects will be chosen and each step of the process will be monetized and opened to the public for “adoption.” This provides a unique opportunity for individuals, families, businesses, or a group of friends to choose an object or objects that mean something to them and to directly contribute to their care.

The Adopt an Artifact program is now tackling the restorations of the Library. The final result – for donors and for guests – will be all-encompassing. 


Matilda was an avid reader especially on subjects of art, architecture, horticulture, and agriculture. The books and furnishings on display at Meadow Brook’s Library are original to the house. The refectory table from the early 17th century is the same table that Matilda and Alfred Wilson signed over 1600 acres of land and $2 million dollars to start Oakland University. Today this room is often used for events and tours, honoring the Wilsons’ tradition of using their home for parties and community events.

Up for Adoption

  1. Purchase tassel fringe trim and hand-sew for the gold velvet loveseat – ADOPTED by Marianne Raffin, with additional $200 donation
  2. Reupholster Queen Anne style wing chair – ADOPTED by Bill Cichowski
  3. Purchase damask fabric for foot stool – ADOPTED by Robert and Marilyn Zigarac
  4. Purchase velvet fabric for wing chair – ADOPTED by Sherry Koenig
  5. Reupholster foot stool – ADOPTED by Richard and Jan Caloia
  6. Make two pillows with the original Genoese velvet for wing chair – one pillow each ADOPTED by Michigan Chapter of the Colonial Dames of America, Chapter XXII and Mary Christine Harris
  7. Clean Turkish rug that measures 15’ x 27’ – ADOPTED by Cynthia Homeyer; Kari Williams
  8. Purchase new table pads for refectory table – ADOPTED by Meadow Brook Hall
  9. Textile conserver to conserve tapestry on back of Knoll couch – ADOPTED by Roberta Bresette and James & Anne Howlett
  10. Purchase new trimming for Knoll couch – ADOPTED by Peggy Gamble; Dana Lily Oliver; Susan Evans
  11. Repair Knoll couch (in-house) – ADOPTED by Diana Cunningham
  12. Purchase conservator supplies to clean tapestried furniture – ADOPTED by Diane Gurzick
  13. Purchase conservator supplies to clean books (in-house) – ADOPTED by Diane Gurzick
  14. Clean Louis Betts portrait of John Dodge – ADOPTED by Geoff and Suzanne Upward
  15. Restore gilded frame on John Dodge portrait and replace light – ADOPTED in memory of Donald and Audrey Upward by Meadow Brook Hall staff
  16. Hire Oakland University student for digitization and research project in Library – COST: $10/hour. Adopt any amount of hours up to a total of 500 hours. – 10 HOURS ADOPTED by Dan and Annie Williams; 40 HOURS ADOPTED by Brian and Angie Schmucker; 30 HOURS ADOPTED by Lisa Drummond
  17. Restore a break and the cane in carved antique open arm chair – ADOPTED by Frank & Janet Cassise
  18. Restore cane seats in a pair of carved oak side chairs – ADOPTED by Jack and Claudette Carterson
  19. Upgrade wiring in Tiffany Studios chandelier (by electrician) – ADOPTED by Susannah Cameron Crichton & Dr. Paul Licker
  20. Restore Tiffany Studios chandelier to original condition – ADOPTED by Jon & Donna Block
  21. $5,000 towards book conservation – ADOPTED by Bill and Story John
  22. $600 towards book and lighting conservation – ADOPTED by Brian and Angie Schmucker
  23. $300 towards book conservation – ADOPTED by Hildred Fleming
  24. $500 towards textile repair and/or replication – ADOPTED by Leslie Littell


The benefits of restoring entire rooms are almost as great as the cost, so some of the conservation costs have been split up into more manageable amounts for individual donors. If more than one donor wants to adopt the same object, the Curator will provide other options of comparable cost. Personal donations of any amount are always appreciated and used specifically for conservation. This is an annual project, so stay tuned for more opportunities to donate to an object or a cause that is important to you.

Those with questions or who are interested in helping Meadow Brook conserve its collections through the new Adopt an Artifact program should contact Curator Madelyn Rzadkowolski by phone (248-364-6253), email (), or U.S. Mail at Meadow Brook Hall, 350 Estate Drive, Rochester, MI 48309.

Adopt an Artifact Form


The list of adoptive donors will be made public and each will receive a certificate detailing the conservation work. Before and after photographs of the objects will be displayed in The Hall and on the website. Donors will also be invited to a special exhibit displaying the newly conserved items.


Library and Organ Alcove – 2016

Barbara Bennett in memory of Keith Bennett
Jon and Donna Block
Roberta Bresette
Jan and Rich Caloia
Susannah Cameron Crichton & Dr. Paul Licker
Jack and Claudette Carterson
Janet & Frank Cassise
Bill Cichowski
Ted and Diana Cunningham
Lisa Drummond
Susan Evans
Hildred Fleming
Peggy Gamble
Diane Gurzick
Mary Christine Harris
Cynthia Homeyer
James and Anne Howlett
Bill and Story John
Diane Kipp
Dick and Sherry Koenig
Leslie Littell
The Meadow Brook Hall Ladies’ Committee
Meadow Brook Hall Staff in memory of Donald and Audrey Upward
The Meadow Brook Hall Squires in memory of Keith Bennett and Doug Thorpe
Michigan Chapter of the Colonial Dames of America, Chapter XXII
Dana Lily Oliver
Marianne Raffin
Madelyn Rzadkowolski
Brian and Angie Schmucker
Kari Williams
Geoff and Suzanne Upward
Randy Walker
Robert and Marilyn Zigarac

Breakfast Room and Sun Porch – 2015
In honor of Ms. Diane Brannon-Medemar
Mrs. Roberta Bresette
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Caloia
Mr. & Mrs. Frank and Janet Cassise
Ms. Lisa Drummond
Mrs. Hildred Fleming
Ms. Peggy Gamble
Ms. Debby Gentner
Ms. Diane Gurzick
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Howlett
Mr. Greydon Hyde & Mrs. Christine Burnard
Alison and George Hynd
Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Story John
Ms. Jenny Kenny
Mr. Corey Clark & Mrs. Meredith Long
In honor of Dr. Sue Martin
The Matilda R. Wilson Fund
The Meadow Brook Hall Ladies’ Committee
Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Angie Schmucker
Mr. Jeff Lichty & Mrs. Mary Sloan
Stoney Creek Questers Group #203
Ms. Margaret A. A. Suter
Mr. & Mrs. Geoff and Suzanne Upward
Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Annie Williams
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To learn more about the Adopt an Artifact program, call (248) 364-6200 or complete our contact form.