Meadow Brook Youth Tours

Thank you for stopping by! We are currently hard at work improving our youth tours. Please check back for an update on our progress. If you have a group of 6 or more and would like to adapt one of our Scout tours to fit your needs please click on scout links below or contact Erin at (248) 364-6254 for more information. We also offer birthday parties, field trips, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts programs. We hope to see you soon!


Your child will grow with The Hall, as they follow this special journey:

  • Teddy Bear Tea: This is an introduction to The Hall, with a child-friendly tour of the main floor. We then go to Frances’ playroom for dress-up and tea.
  • Making Games: This is the next step of the journey, offering more information about the family and growing up in the 20s and 30s. We cover the whole house with a scavenger hunt and finish upstairs with the type of games both Frances and Danny would have loved.
  • Puppets & Plays on the Farm: Take a break from The Hall and learn about Meadow Brook Farm while you make an animal puppet.
  • Playing the Past: The kids are older so it’s time to learn more about The Hall, including the architecture and interior decorations that make it unique.
  • Secret Spaces: This is a special behind-the-scenes tour intended for the older child who has been to Meadow Brook.
  • Estate Walking Tour: An exciting tour for older children! This tour involves a lot of walking on tough terrain with steep inclines. Tours continue rain or shine, so dress appropriately for the weather.

Meadow Brook Youth Tour: OPTIONAL ADD-ONS

  • Manners: Your child will learn to properly set a table, introduce themselves, handle meals at a friend’s house and more!
  • Knole Cottage: “Simon Says” to skip along the path to Knole Cottage. Join your friends on a trip to the 6-room miniature playhouse that was Frances Dodge’s 12th birthday present. We will have a lot of fun with vintage games and a picnic along the way.
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For more information about Meadow Brook youth tours or our other youth programs, please call (248) 364-6254 or complete our contact form.