Filming at Meadow Brook Hall

Meadow Brook Hall is a versatile location for your commercial or movie filming needs. Our grand estate has 15 gardens, rolling grounds and flawless landscapes. The Hall is an 88,000 square foot Tudor-revival style mansion with 23 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 5 staircases and 24 fireplaces. All professional photography and videography must be approved by Meadow Brook Hall prior to the shoot.

Commercial Filming at Meadow Brook

There are many elaborate details on the interior of Meadow Brook Hall that make it an ideal location for professional filming, including:

  • Carved wood and stone
  • Handmade hardware and ceramic art tile
  • Ornately molded and carved plaster ceilings
  • Stained glass window insets
  • Crystal and art glass lighting fixtures and gold-plated bathroom fittings.

And while the interiors reflect various historic styles, the house is equipped with every modern amenity available in the late 1920s such as two elevators, three kitchens and a full size home theatre.

The exterior combines various textures and patterns using American materials of brick, sandstone, wood timbers and a roof of clay shingle tile. The house also features 39 uniquely designed brick chimneys that distinguish the picturesque roofline.

On-site catering for the cast and crew during production is also available. Rental and catering rates are customized based on the needs of the production.

For more information or to schedule a tour of the estate please contact Nick Campbell at (248) 364-6222 or

Professional Photography at Meadow Brook

Meadow Brook’s “photography not allowed on the grounds” signs are meant to discourage photographers who use the building, gardens and grounds for professional backdrops and commercial gain. Given that it is a National Historic Landmark, Meadow Brook’s images have value and since the operation is self-supporting, that value has to be protected.

Also, Meadow Brook has experienced dramatically increased public use in recent months from photographers and videographers of all kinds (commercial and non-commercial), who often disrupt private events that The Hall relies on for revenue. When couples, families and businesses pay for exclusive use of the facilities, it is obviously not fair when people who are not paying disrupt events.

General Guidelines

  • Before filming at Meadow Brook, a signed contract must be executed between you and Meadow Brook Hall (MBH).
  • All shoots must be prepaid.
  • You must provide MBH with proof of liability insurance, or sign a waiver releasing MBH from liability.
  • Videographers and photographers must be accompanied by a sales/event manager for the duration of their session

For more information or to make an appointment for professional photography, please contact Nick Campbell at (248) 364-6222.

Visitor Photography Guidelines

Meadow Brook Hall guests are welcome to take photographs for personal and informal use. To view our visitor photography policy click here.

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For more information about using Meadow Brook Hall for your professional video or photo shoot, please call (248) 364-6220 or complete our contact form.